Bitcoin Mining: Farming funds for professional investors

17. December 2018

Bitcoin Mining gets a private equity fund. Venture capital companies will be able to invest in Bitcoin mining farms in the future. The planned farms will also purchase green electricity – but will also centralise mining.

Entering Bitcoin trader Mining will be easier for institutional investors in the future – and in the best case also more lucrative

While a mass media grave is being dug while Bitcoin trader digging for the largest of all crypto currencies, the seemingly beleaguered Bitcoin trader industry will not be further impressed. According to a press release issued by BTC-ECHO, XOLARIS Service KVAG has launched a special AIF for professional investors. The private equity fund invests through a Liechtenstein target company in the infrastructure necessary for the production of Bitcoins. This is intended to financially support an already existing operational mining farm in Sweden.

Private Equity Funds: crypto trader investment opportunities for venture capital companies

Private equity funds are used to invest in promising crypto trader companies in order to promote their development and growth targets and make them achievable as reported here: Once the targets have been achieved, the acquired shares can be sold at a profit or the company can be placed on the stock exchange. Often the support of the companies goes beyond financial support and is complemented by entrepreneurial advice.

Private investors benefit both during the investment period and after the final profit from the sale of shares or the stock exchange placement. As this is an investment form for investors with comparatively high capital, it is particularly attractive for institutional investors. The focus is on companies that already go beyond the start-up or development phase.

Private equity or over-the-counter equity capital or private equity capital is thus a form of so-called equity capital in which the investment cannot be traded on regulated markets or stock exchanges. The investors are often capital investment companies, which are also known as private equity companies. In the case of risky young companies, this is referred to as venture capital. The investors are accordingly called venture financing companies or venture capital companies. (Source: