Password Protection

I just wanted to inform everyone that Autumn Star will be under password protection from now until whenever I feel it is necessary to lift the passwords off my blog entries. I’ve decided this because of certain personal reasons, and I also feel that a blog should be kept like a secret diary if there’s anything you don’t want other people to see… just like a real, written diary. Not all of my entries will be private/password-protected, however, so not to fear, there will still be publicly visible entries!

If you would like the password, please feel free to head over to my Contact Me page so you can request the password. You can also ask me on Facebook or Twitter if you have me on your friends list. I will only give you the password if I trust you, so please be respectful of that and aware that I don’t just hand out the password to just anyone. This blog is my life, and I use it to heal from depression and whatever else I am going through.

Thank you for understanding!


Protected: Thinking Lots.

Some things don’t belong entirely in the public eye, so if you want the password, please feel free to contact me. I only give passwords out to people that I trust, but you can message/email me anyway if you would like to.