Improvements & Happiness

So, it’s been two days and over a week since I’ve last updated, which were private entries anyway, but I was planning on making an entry here and there before today, too. I got caught up once again and now I’m back. Just taking everything day by day, I guess! It’s all good. I update when I can and when I feel up to it, so glad I’m not forced to blog every single day… even though I would kind of like to at the same time. It would just get so much out, but I don’t always have the time to do so.

Last Thursday, I had an appointment to see my doctor to check and see how I’m doing on Celexa and Ativan. I told her I’m feeling pretty much 100% better than I was feeling just last month, and she was SO happy about that. She looked almost like she wanted to cry because she was so thrilled that I was feeling better. “I just LOVE when things work out!” is what she told me, and it made me feel great. I haven’t felt so good in a long time, and though I still have my moments and days, things are definitely looking up! I’ve started a new planner, it’s simple really, I picked it up from Walmart and I haven’t really put it down ever since I bought it! It’s cute, black and white on the cover and on the inside/pages, it’s pretty colorful. Each month has a different color. I’ve been jotting down birthdays, appointments, Waterfire dates, all the important stuff. It just feels so great to be happier, and me being happier makes it MUCH more easier to feel and BE organized. But anyway, back to the doctor appointment, haha, my doctor told me I should check out Dr. Who and Sherlock for new television show recommendations. It was brought up because I was wearing my Darth Vader shirt and she observed that I’m a Star Wars fan. She told me her kids, husband and herself love watching Star Wars, Star Trek and the other two shows she recommended to me; she has a ‘nerdy’ family as she called themselves (which I think TOTALLY rocks it’s great to have a doctor that can relate to your life). So, my ‘homework’ is to check out either Dr. Who or Sherlock ASAP, which I will get on when I get the chance. My medication doses are staying as is, as well, and I will be seeing her three months from now. :cheer:

That afternoon, after Scott and I had gotten out of the grocery store and into the car, I spotted a somewhat crumpled note in the windshield wiper. I thought, “What the hell is that?” and I got out of my seat halfway and snagged it, got back into the car and we got our belts on.

Now, mind you, we were parked perfectly fine. It was the car next to us that was all crooked and out of the lines. I don’t know if it’s because the nose of our car sticks out a bit more (our car is a little longer because it’s about 13 years old) and the guy in front of us couldn’t park correctly? But we definitely were not parked like assholes. Either way, BOTH Scott and I got a kick out of it. People obviously have WAY too much time on their hands in a Stop & Shop parking lot (in a not so bad area, too!) to be passing notes along other cars just because THEY can’t park correctly. Don’t blame your shitty driving/parking skills on other people, that’s all I have to say. Rude (and funny, because I honestly haven’t stopped laughing about this note ever since). And yes, we kept it. :laugh:

Over the weekend, we didn’t really do much. At all. We ran out a few places, grabbed a few things here and there and I made chicken fajitas (yummmmm!). I ended up putting all the ingredients in the crock pot, and it came out amazing! I would totally recommend that one, for sure! We had a nerdy weekend like we do most of the time, hung out and played games, went outside to visit the kitties here and there and spotted some beauties in the garden. The morning glories that came back from last year are a deep purple/blue color this year, they are so gorgeous! I also took a couple of pictures of the flowers in my mom’s yard, too.