Update On Logan

So, Logan is doing very well. He’s adjusted fantastically, better than we thought he would and in such a short time. Bacardi is still a grouch about him, but she’ll get over it. She’s always been a grouch at times even before he came to live with us, anyway :nyah: We’re getting him his rabies shot this Saturday at Petco, and then we’ll be saving to get him fixed so he doesn’t spray anything and what not. I’m very aware not all cats spray and it differs from cat to cat and situation/stress-wise, but I’m not chancing it, either. He’s gotten super cuddly with Scott and I, he welcomes himself onto the couch to sit with Scott, or into my chair to snuggle with me. He greets us in the morning, rubbing himself against our legs and such, he’s just a very lovable little guy. I’m so happy to finally have some more happiness added into my mornings… I never realized how depressed I was until I started getting help for those depression problems and now that I look back, I feel like an entirely different person. It’s an amazing feeling.

I’m also already thinking of a new theme for the fall, ugh. I’m so full of ideas it’s ridiculous… I’m not used to feeling so creative, but I LOVE it. :jump: